We also provide super duper catering!

Catering Menu

-ROASTERS DINNER $28/per person (add Chili on the buffet for $4/per person) Home Roasted Beef Sirloin and Smoked Turkey w/white and brown gravies served with Mashed potato, Balsamic glazed Seasonal vegetables and dinner roll
For dessert Cheesecake or/and Chocolate cake

-GRILL BUFFET $29/per person (we setup the grill at the event site for 50 or more people only) Chicken, Beef and Pork Belly Grilled Mediterranean style served with seasoned vegetables, rice, humus and pita (add Turkish Lentil soup for $4/per person)
For dessert Turkish Flan or/and Rice Pudding

-BBQ BUFFET $28/per person (add Chili on the buffet for $4/per person) Smoked Pork ribs and Brisket served with Butter & Cheese loaded Baked potatoes, sour cream, roasted broccoli carrot mix and dinner roll
For dessert Cheesecake and/or Chocolate cake.

-PASTA BUFFET $24/per person (add Minestrone soup for $4/per person) All homemade Marinara, Alfredo, Bolognese, Pesto cream sauces with your choice of pasta toasted topped with top A grade mozzarella and baked served with garlic toast (add meatballs for $2 each)
For dessert Tiramisu

DINNER BUFFETS (salad is included with all dinner buffets)

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